Spicy Marinara Spaghetti for the savory

April 25, 2012

Do you make a really good spaghetti and meat sauce, I mean really good?  Is your thing the jar or heat and serve?  Well some of us like a little more taste in our Italian and that means herbs, spices and experimentation.  Now you may need to COOK LIKE CRAZY, but you don’t need to go crazy in your experimenting, just try a few hints of something new or one at a time.  Making a good sauce may be slightly time consuming if you’re on the go, but if you want to go beyond heat & serve, who wants to be average or just ok.  Tried and true is one thing, but lackluster and uninspiring sauce is just not good enough.

There are some Italian mothers and chefs who add sugar to their “gravy” or spaghetti sauce.  Then there are some that like it hot! So why not havc the best of both worlds, which is how I feel about my cultural background being Colombian and American, and make it sweat and hot at the same time?  Chili flakes, sriracha sauce, roasted red peppers, ground cloves and a hint of agave for a healthier sweetness that is already melted, that’s my test for today.  Also added some sauteed mushrooms for more savor!

Big part of this dish is making your pasta al dente which in Italian simply means “to the teeth”.  Basically it should have a little bite to it and not be mushy or hard.  Make sure you add some salt and olive oil to your boiling water to not only season the pasta, but aid in the boiling process.  Lucky for us today packages tell you exactly how much time each pasta needs, trust me it works.

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